Conflict Eternal

Through centuries of warfare beneath judging heavenly eyes proud martial ideologies have been honed to a razors edge, each approaching the pinnacle of their form. Like minded Warriors and Deities coalesced into rival Factions according to their preferred martial approach. Two core philosophies of war grew out of this conflict. One side prefers to fight with measured intention, skill, finesse and patience, this is the side of Intention. The other side prefers to fight with intense momentum, committment, ultimate attack and strength against weakness, this is the side of Momentum.

These are the Factions Of Loki’s Cut


The Kemahiran. Graceful, Elegant, and some would say, arrogant. They adhere to the martial precepts of precision, technique, and control. They are purposeful and exact in all things. To them the ultimate vision of power is the precise application of force, exactly where it is needed, and exactly as much as is needed.  A feather floats weightlessly upon the wind, but when the scales are in perfect balance, a feather can overturn the world.

Those of the Rakenne see it differently. To them,  war was best won unrelenting, blow for blow, guard for guard, until the strongest rose above the rest. Might is built brick by brick, and with unrelenting intention. Power is the result of constant directed effort. Founded on Structure and tenacity, some would deem them callous. The Rakenne see it as strengthin the face of all that would assail them. Their warriors aspire to engage in a long siege, grinding their opponent to dust with purposeful, exacting tenacity.

To others, war was momentum. The surging river of strength and speed flows best in nature, unconstrained and uncontrolled. The Makt leap gloriously into every battle with ferocity. Espousing a mantra of power and commitment to the point of recklessness, they hit first and they hit hard. The Makt believe that the battle is best won when your opponent is defeated before they even have a chance to swing.  

Finally, the Hiza renounce the typical hard line approach to war. The Hiza choose the time and place of battle, and never commit to a fight they cannot win. They skirt the edges of the field, preferring to engage in skirmishing combat. Embracing the tenets of freedom, patience, and spacing, they believe that you only strike when the opponent cannot strike you back. The Hiza whittle the opponent with deft in and out attacks to harass and penalize the enemy before moving in for the killing blow. They could never withstand the brunt of an all out assault, but they would never choose to stand in its way.

Which Faction will you choose?