Fabled Beginnings

Our world is vast, ornate, and beautiful, but to the Deities above, it is but a game.

Aloof and eternal, death and tragedy are little more than a moment’s entertainment. The Deities are proud, fickle, and prone to whims. The only constants are their inability to agree and their unslakable thirst for honor & glory.  But even in this, the Deities could not find agreement. There was much discussion as to what was best for the people below,, which became bickering, which became threatening. Over millennia, the schism between the divines grew ever deeper and more violent. A single grand and wise celestial council became split into many bickering ideologies, and below, one people became many

Inevitably wars broke out, and if there is one thing the Divine excel at, it is war. Their many chosen peoples, under their Deities subtle guidance across centuries, designed systems of combat and battle philosophies that reflected the vision of the those above. Through centuries of warfare beneath judging heavenly eyes these proud martial ideologies have been honed to a razors edge, Each approaching the pinnacle of their form.

The Kamehiran. Graceful, Elegant, and some would say, arrogant. They adhere to the martial precepts of precision, technique, and control. They are purposeful and exact in all things. To them the ultimate vision of power is the precise application of force, exactly where it is needed, and exactly as much as is needed.  A feather floats weightlessly upon the wind, but when the scales are in perfect balance, a feather can overturn the world.

Those of The Rakenne see it differently. To them,  war was best won unrelenting, blow for blow, guard for guard, until the strongest rose above the rest. Might is built brick by brick, and with unrelenting intention. Power is the result of constant directed effort. Founded on Structure and tenacity, some would deem them callous. The Rakenne see it as strengthin the face of all that would assail them. Their warriors aspire to engage in a long siege, grinding their opponent to dust with purposeful, exacting tenacity.

To others, war is momentum. The surging river of strength and speed flows best in nature, unconstrained and uncontrolled.

The Makt leap gloriously into every battle with ferocity. Espousing a mantra of power and commitment to the point of recklessness, they hit first and they hit hard. The Makt believe that the battle is best won when your opponent is defeated before they even have a chance to swing.

The Hiza renounce the typical hard line approach to war. The Hiza choose the time and place of battle, and never commit to a fight they cannot win. They skirt the edges of the field, preferring to engage in skirmishing combat. Embracing the tenets of freedom, patience, and spacing, they believe that you only strike when the opponent cannot strike you back. The Hiza whittle the opponent with deft in and out attacks to harass and penalize the enemy before moving in for the killing blow. They could never withstand the brunt of an all out assault, but they would never choose to stand in its way.

The Four factions can never seem to agree, and conflict is endless. Amongst this perpetual friction and posturing, Loki, ever the clever trickster, foresaw an opportunity. A chance to have a bit of fun at others expense; and a wee cut of the profit as well. It was an opening too delightfully delicious to pass unexploited. He would build himself a coliseum, free from the bonds of our mortal world, in which the Deities could prove which was greatest without an all out war.

It took mere whispers to stir envy, a hint of rumors to bring rise to rage, and the tiniest prick to begin the bloodshed. Each Deity, fiercely proud of the cultures they helped raise, set out to prove that they indeed have the greatest creation. The great weavers tied the souls of each Deity’s mightiest warriors to a cosmic net, trapping them in a battle without end. Legendary Warriors caught between time and space, engaging in glorious hand-to-hand mortal combat to prove who stands mightiest astride the peak of victory.

Power-mad Deities use the proud warriors of their factions to wager and gamble. The coin? Their divine influence itself. While their warriors are battling for martial supremacy the Deities manipulate and influence the outcome of the battles; each thinking themselves the most clever. Too proud to ever step back or surrender, they gaze down as the greatest warriors our world has ever known battle to the death. Above the battlefield, the trickster Loki grins and counts his cut as the factions battle for honor & glory. Because the house always wins.


Vedde – Vechte – Vici      |     I Bet – They Fight – I Win