Vedde Vechte Vici

Loki's cut card game

Fabled Warrior engage in glorious hand-to-hand mortal combat, for the honor of their Faction and the glory of their Deity. To the victor goes the honor & the glory.

To loki goes the spoils.

Loki’s Cut is a fast paced card game battle of wits, strategy, and martial prowess between legendary warriors fighting in Loki’s Arena. You play as a Warrior & clash in glorious hand to hand battles to the death using every unique skill, technique, strategy and trick from your martial traditions, Above them, their chosen deities gamble & clash, channeling their power & influence to upset the odds & back their favored warrior. They rarely play fair.


Simple Mechanics For Fast Play.

Loki’s Cut is a fast paced card game where your objective is to kill your opponent warrior  in a hand-to-hand fight to the death. You play as an epic Warrior from one of many martial traditions. Your warrior uses their unique fighting skills and abilities to beat their opponent in battle. Above you, Deities gamble and clash, channeling their power to influence the odds to ensure their favored warrior wins the fight.

Each player begins the game with a Warrior with 100 life, a chosen Deity, and an Armory of cards representing actions taken by your chosen Warrior.  Each Warrior has the opportunity to play Attack cards on their turn to attempt to deal damage to their opponent. And the Warrior being attacked can apply Defense cards or abilities to stop the damage. Your warrior can also use Strategy and Tactic cards to influence the battle.

If your warrior reaches 0 life you lose. If you have 0 cards left in your deck and draw a card, you collapse from exhaustion and lose. The Warrior left standing after all others are at 0 life or 0 cards in their armory is THE VICTOR!